What students are saying about OCS

“OCS not only provided me with a superior education, but also cultivated an atmosphere in which I could be open about my growing walk with Christ.”

“I just thought I'd say thank you again for everything you have done for me. After many years of being out of OCS the morals and values I learned there, are still continuing to help me today. I just wanted to pass along something that happened recently that is a reflection of OCS. I was just offered a job in the US Senate working for the Aging Committee in Washington DC. My work will involve working on issues focused around senior citizens, coordinating hearings, and writing letters. The work ethic and values that OCS taught me have been key in applying and getting this job. God has worked in some wonderful ways and opened doors for me in ways that I still can't even imagine.”

“Christian schooling at OCS has shaped the person I am today. I began at OCS and it gave me the solid foundation needed for public high school and college.”

What parents are saying about OCS

“Both our daughters benefitted in ways I would not have anticipated. Yes, they got an amazing education, both academically and spiritually, led by a great staff. But I’m constantly amazed at the strong moral foundation and level of care for their peers, that can only be explained as a “God thing.” OCS has more than met its share of the Three Strands concept in directing the formative years of our girls.”

“Our children were well prepared for high school, not only in their academic studies, but also in creative areas such as art and music. In day-to-day high school life, we are happy when the kids take the “high road” in difficult situations or become a peacemaker when one is needed. Their positive choices really reflect what they were taught at OCS.”

“When our daughter entered public high school this year, I wasn’t prepared for how “hands-off” parenting became! During her elementary years at OCS, we knew all the school families and teachers, stopped in the building frequently, and most importantly, knew that the school and its community of parents were supporting our own values. Now that she’s in high school, we don’t know the friends our daughter is making, let alone what their families believe. Sending her into high school has been a big step of faith! If our daughter hadn’t had OCS’s strong Biblical foundation, Christian worldview and character training, and hadn’t been held accountable for her actions and attitudes, we’d be far less likely to trust the choices she’s making now. As parents, our window of influence is open for only a short time. As kids grow, that window closes a little more each day. I’m so glad that OCS played a critical role in shaping our daughter’s character and core beliefs. With this foundation and her ongoing relationship with the Lord, we know that she can stand strong in high school and beyond.”

“The teachers at Ozaukee Christian are what keep us coming back. The fact that my son prays with his class and teacher during the day and especially that the teacher prays FOR him makes a big difference in his life.”

“We love OCS because there isn’t a “religion” class, but rather God is part of every subject and activity through curriculum and instruction.”

“OCS is truly a family. Having the teachers pray with and for you is beyond words!”

“OCS is a family to us, a parenting partner and integral in our cord of three strands. Godly teachers make the difference in Christian schooling. Knowing that my kids are cared for, prayed for and that the instruction from home is reinforced at school—we are blessed!”

“Loving to learn is the most important lesson. The teachers at OCS strive to challenge my son and push him to excellence!”