Textbooks: How important are they?!?

Learning centers. Special speakers. Field trips. Online presentations. Textbooks.

These are great tools in the hands of great teachers. One of the enjoyable things about education is that each class, and each student, are different every year. The lesson plan that worked so well last year will fall flat if used the exact same way this year.

Textbooks, whether paper or e-versions, deepen a child's base of knowledge and expand her horizons. How long has it been since you leafed through your son's textbook?

Textbook authors, like you and I, have a personal worldview. That will naturally be reflected in what is written. Textbook companies exist to sell lots and lots of books so that their profit margin increases with each annual report. Together, they create the history books, the science books, the reading books...all the books that are placed in front of our children's eyes and mind. Books that reflect the author's belief system.

Alignment. It's not just about tires. Core philosophies in textbooks, and all curriculum, need to align easily with that of the school and family. Let me share a reflection from a recent, first-time substitute teacher this week:

"I was struck by the fact that even the students' textbooks were written from a Christian perspective. I found it so refreshing to use a book that gave me opportunity to talk about listening to what and where God leads us. Sharing about the things of the Lord just flowed so naturally!"

Unfortunately, not all schools see this as a priority. Using secular textbooks is 'good enough.'  At OCS, textbooks have a strong Christian philosophy that complement the purpose and plan of each teacher, guided by the Holy Spirit. A child's spiritual journey is supported, not suppressed, by the textbooks used in class.

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." Matthew 22:37

Today's blog post provided by Kris Austin, Head of School

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